Friday, January 4th, 2019
Strategic Planning for Transfer Students
Track: Student Success Track (Sponsored by Southern New Hampshire University)
Community colleges enroll more than 50% of U.S. undergraduates and are the academic launch pad for many veterans whose plan includes completing a Bachelor's degree (or graduate or professional school). This transfer strategy session will identify the key questions, time frame, resources and available personnel at both sending and receiving institutions that aid in a student's successful transfer. Learn some of the rules within which students will want to operate to maximize their transfer credit and hear anecdotes of transfer archetypes who have overcome difficult academic starts, erratic academic trails, and undecided majors that will inspire even the most skeptical. Attendees will emerge from this session confident in imparting general transfer process information and will have a renewed confidence in their next academic steps. Students will also be encouraged to consider the experiences and opportunities they want to pursue at the four year institution. The audience can submit anonymous questions.
Presentation Handout: 154902-10-50364.pdf 
Presenter: Kathy Urban
Presenter: Jen Kollar


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