Friday, January 4th, 2019
What Got You Here May Not Get You There: Developing & Sustaining SVO Chapter Leadership
Track: Chapter Management Track
Is your SVO Chapter Student Veteran Leadership well developed and expanded consistently from year to year? This interactive workshop delivers leadership assessments and broadened leader skills impacting participants' approaches to leadership in the classroom, across campus, and through to career employment. Created for student veteran leaders and structured as a short, intensive leader development session, chapter representatives are encouraged to attend together to build foundational skills. Session goals include the application of leadership theory to successful practice, provides value-added skills, a model for leader development, a legacy approach to SVO Chapter Leadership planning, and a reference/reading list for those interested in further expanding their leadership skills following NatCon 2019. The Leadership skills featured in this workshop deepens SVO Chapter Leadership and increases the ability of Student Veteran Graduates to establish successful careers and become tomorrow's Leaders.
Presenter: Janine Wert


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