Saturday, January 5th, 2019
Yesterday's Pension, Today's TSP, Tomorrow's 401(k) - What You Should Know!
Track: Career Readiness Track (Sponsored by LinkedIn)
Upon entering the workforce, you must make critical employee-benefit related decisions. In other words, your salary is one small part, and you should know your worth within the total compensation package. Whether you are a veteran, a spouse, a freshman undergrad, or a senior grad student, your decision(s) have an impact on your tax costs and benefits, long-term finances, and retirement planning.

In this session, certified subject matter expert Bob Bieri will cover:
* The meaning and impact of "fully-vested"
* How decisions may impact Social Security and Medicare
* How defined benefit plans (pensions) are structured
* The tax advantages and differences between the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and 401(k) plans
* How an IRA can help you save, and the differences between "Roth" and "Traditional"
* Actionable insights you can apply, whether you are working for the government, private sector, a non-profit, as a contractor, or for yourself
Presenter: Bob Bieri


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