Friday, January 4th, 2019
Veterans in Transition: A Systematic Review and Recommendations
Track: Research Track
Recent scholarship has focused on veterans' post-military transitions into higher education. However, the rigor and quality of this research have not been assessed. Existing research has neglected to offer practical applications of findings to the higher education community. Therefore, the purpose of this interactive presentation is to systematically explore how veterans' post-military transitions into higher education has been presented in the literature. The authors conducted a systematic review, in consultation with a library specialist, to identify, appraise, and synthesize research pertaining to veterans transitioning into higher education. Of the 2,288 articles in the initial search, 161 met eligibility criteria to be included in the review. Two authors coded the articles and identified themes relevant to veterans' post-military transitions; the themes will be presented. Presentation attendees will not only benefit from learning about veterans' research but will also be able to apply research findings to their own work with student veterans.
Presentation Slides: 154588-10-50363.pptx
Presenter: Arpita Ghosh
Presenter: Brett Opelt
Presenter: Mercedes Santana


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