Saturday, January 5th, 2019
SVA Partner Panel: Non-Profit
Track: Career Readiness Track (Sponsored by LinkedIn)
Join some of SVA's partners from the non-profit sector for a panel discussion and discover how SVA's non-profit partners have and could support you and your chapter. The panelists will share their experience and expertise with audience members, provide an insider's look into life in the non-profit sector, discuss emerging industry trends, and what they look for in potential job candidates. The panelists will also share their work in helping promote and support student veterans' success through their organization and with other partners. Discussions on developing talent pipelines between chapters and SVA partners to help members find internship opportunities with and how student veterans can best prepare for a job in the field. This session is a must for chapter leaders interested in establishing a relationship with SVA partners in the non-profit sector for student veterans on their campus and anyone interested in working within the non-profit sector.
Presenter: Kacie Kelley
Presenter: Samuel Holmes
Presenter: Angie Strohl


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