Saturday, January 5th, 2019
Creating a Personal Statement That Pops!
Track: Student Success Track (Sponsored by Southern New Hampshire University)
Writing a personal statement can feel like a daunting, self-promoting task. Many feel uncomfortable and compose a statement that feels inauthentic and useless. But crafting a strong personal statement can showcase the individual and become a life-long tool as they grow personally and professionally. Using it, veterans can sharpen their focus, identify their goals, values, and strengths, and introduce themselves effectively to future employers and benefactors.

This workshop will provide student veterans with information and tools to assist in creating a personal statement that showcases what they have accomplished, their goals, and their values and that serves them well into the future. We will show them the many ways it can be used, from an elevator pitch, to facilitating major career decisions.
Presentation Slides: 154545-10-50363.pptx
Presenter: Maureen Elias
Presenter: Tammy Barlet


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