Thursday, January 3rd, 2019
Bridging the Gap Between Women Veterans and the Workforce: A panel discussion on Women Veterans' experiences & barriers to employment
Track: Career Readiness Track (Sponsored by LinkedIn)
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, veteran unemployment is trending downward, currently sitting at 3.8%. Although many see this as positive news for the population, there is much more to discuss regarding women veterans and their assimilation to the workforce. We know that women veterans are attending college at a higher rate than their male veteran counterparts (Department of Education 2018) and doing exceedingly well on this front. However, research supports that there are numerous challenges faced by women veterans entering and maintaining gainful employment or trying to move up in the workforce after military service and/or higher education (Downs 2017). This panel seeks to explore the gendered complexities and barriers women veterans face in the civilian workforce or in dealing with underemployment across sectors. A panel of veteran and non-veteran experts will discuss barriers as well as highlight strategies that can help foster their success.
Presenter: Kiersten Downs


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