Thursday, January 3rd, 2019
How are veterans doing in financial outcomes? New findings from the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection
Track: Research Track
The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection has made defining, measuring, and studying financial well-being a central part of its strategy for improving consumers' financial capability, culminating in a 2016 national survey. The Bureau's Office of Servicemember Affairs is focused on educating the troops about making smart financial decisions that can affect their military careers and beyond as they transition into veterans.

The presentation will provide an overview of the Bureau's research on financial well-being, a summary of the overall analysis and findings, the results of the Bureau's analysis of the financial well-being of veterans who responded to the survey and ideas for future research on the financial well-being of servicemembers and veterans.
Presentation Slides: 154461-10-50363.pdf 
Presentation Handout: 154461-10-50364.pdf 
Presenter: Tony Camilli
Presenter: Dee Warmath


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