Saturday, January 5th, 2019
Reputation Recovery: How to deal with and overcome a PR Nightmare in your SVA Chapter
Track: Chapter Management Track
This session will focus on several ways to deal with what every SVA Chapter or Higher Education Veterans Affairs Offices fear the most: a public relations disaster. There will be a situation provided that will allow the audience to immerse themselves in the perspective of the presenter, who at the same time will be able to provide audience members with possible ways to go about these issues.

Some of the techniques that the presenter will employ revolve around the following points which will be separated and addressed in a 45 minute panel:
* Recognizing when an issue can possibly escalate
* Handling issues within the group/organization
* Steps to take if the issue needs further handling
* How to privatize issues to the best of its capacity
* OPSEC Essentials
* More which will be discussed in the Proposed Session Description
Presentation Slides: 154455-10-50363.pptx
Presenter: Raul Santana


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