Thursday, January 3rd, 2019
More Money, More Schooling: Using Scholarships to Supplement Your GI Bill
Track: SVA Track (Sponsored by The Washington Center)
Student Veterans of America's mission is to provide the resources, support, advocacy, and research needed for student veterans to make a successful transition to higher education, achieve academic excellence, and move into rewarding careers. As a part of this mission, SVA realizes the importance of funding to supplement costs related to tuition and fees that the GI Bill does not cover. Through the generous support of our corporate sponsors, we have awarded more than 1.2 million dollars in scholarships since 2011.

This breakout session is designed to empower students to submit scholarship applications. Previous scholarship recipients, nonprofit partners, corporate partners and higher education professionals will be on hand to provide wisdom and advice on applying for scholarships.
Presentation Handout: 154350-10-50364.pdf 
Presenter: Karin Buck
Presenter: Jonathan "JD" Due
Presenter: Claude Castille
Presenter: Ashley Gorbulja
Presenter: David Eber


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