Saturday, January 5th, 2019
Higher Degree Opportunities Outside the U.S.
Track: Higher Education Track (Sponsored by The College Board)
When veterans are looking for higher degrees by research they are often advised to look for an institution that offers scholastic rigor and a viewpoint that adds to their academic profile. Under GI Bill rules, veterans may use suitable available funding to support graduate studies either inside or outside the U.S.

Typically, completion rates in the U.S. are lower and completion time has stretched out to over seven years. Study destinations such as Australia and the U.K. boast average completion time for doctorate degrees at just under four years. Added to the advantage of faster completion rates, undertaking studies outside of a students' comfort zone provides new perspectives thus enriching the research and educational experience.

Emerging trends, new ideas, and best practices are not always found at your doorstep.
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Presenter: Chris Lawrance
Presenter: Schnell Carraway


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