Friday, January 4th, 2019
Measuring Success for Military-Connected Students in Higher Education: We Need Data!
Track: Higher Education Track (Sponsored by The College Board)
Military-connected students have long been significant to higher education and these populations have increased in prominence in recent years--following 2009's Post 9/11 GI Bill enactment. At least we think!

How can we be sure, when the data necessary to research and assess the progress of these students are missing or stored in systems that do not allow for connection of data to conduct valid research studies? This session will focus on the following areas related to the study of military-connected student success:
* What we currently know
* What data we need in order to know more
* How student veterans can help with these data needs
* Examples of efforts to collect and analyze data on military-connected student success in higher education
* Suggestions for how to engage with institutional research and enrollment management personnel to improve institutions' ability to effectively collect and track success measures for military-connected populations.
Presentation Slides: 154197-10-50363.pdf 
Presentation Handout: 154197-10-50364.pdf 
Presenter: Gina Johnson
Presenter: Katie Giardello
Presenter: Miguel Pineirovigo


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