Saturday, January 5th, 2019
The Virtual Veterans Center and its potential benefits
Track: Research Track
This presentation will consist of sharing findings from a study that explored how student veterans perceive support services in their transition from the military to a two-year community college. The presentation will invite participants in the audience to work in small groups and answer questions in reference to support services and what student veteran need to be successful in their transition. In addition, the presentation will provide participants will some research that will lead to further discussion on how higher educational institutions can increase retention specific to student veterans and to understand barriers. Recommendations based on the findings will be offered in regard to a virtual veterans center, as noted in the study, and how it can assist student veterans who either do not have access to a veterans center at their institution or who do not have the time to visit the center because of work and family obligations.
Presentation Slides: 154465-10-50363.pptx
Presentation Handout: 154465-10-50364.pptx
Presenter: Dawn Mackiewicz


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