Thursday, January 3rd, 2019
Roll Up Your Sleeves, Changemakers; Thought Exercise on Service
Track: Chapter Management Track
America needs new leadership in the 21st century, and academic institutions are at the helm of our future. What divides us as citizens can be eradicated through service, and SVA Chapters are the stewards of the three civic responsibilities of service: Prepare to serve, answer the call, and call to others.

What's more, leaders in service can transition to leaders in business. Join the Mason Veteran Patriots (MVP) for an iron-sharpens-iron action lab "Why Every SVA Chapter Should Lead on Campus Through Service." Attendees will work in a group-based environment through service-based leadership to create a mock service project from inception to operation.

As an idea incubator, MVP feels knowledge-sharing and networking through service is critically important to growing the number and quality of SVA chapters nationwide. In addition to increasing student success and excellence, service provides opportunities for leadership and a deeper connection to the campus community.
Presenter: Joseph Roesch
Presenter: EJ Delpero
Presenter: Rich Strauss


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