Friday, January 4th, 2019
From 'Broken Heroes' to Public Servants: Transforming Persistent Myths about Post-9/11 Veterans
Track: Research Track
The presentation uses cutting-edge social science research and data-driven analyses to debunk persistent, false myths about today's all-volunteer Gulf War and Post-9/11 veterans. Such myths include: (1.) the 1% rule, when veterans are closer to 10% of the total U.S. population; (2.) veterans as undereducated, when on average they outpace civilian counterparts; (3.) the military as demographically homogeneous when the military outpaces public institutions for diversity; (4.) veterans' professional skills as unmarketable or limited, when they have heightened high-tech, STEM, and professionalized training; and (5.) veterans as emotionally "broken," injured or intrinsically maladjusted, when in fact much military training achieves mental toughness and a proactive approach to PTS, among other mental health issues. Our research reveals a far more accurate, complex, nuanced and interesting picture of veterans' contribution to American culture, one that warrants retiring the "broken hero" myth and recognizing their ongoing commitment to public service.
Presentation Slides: 153641-10-50363.pptx
Presenter: Rosalinda Maury
Presenter: Corri Zoli
Presenter: Daniel Fay


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