Friday, January 4th, 2019
Tomorrow's Transformational Leaders: Journey to the C-Suite
Track: Career Readiness Track (Sponsored by LinkedIn)
Reaching the top senior executive level (C-suite) of a company or organization can be the pinnacle of one's career. But, what does the journey to reach the upper ranks of one's profession look like? In this panel, C-suite executives will share their journey and experiences on what has helped them succeed, the challenges they have faced along their journey, and how they've overcome these challenges.

The panelists will share practical advice with the attendees on how they can put their careers on the fast track. We will explore both what it takes to be in the C-suite and what organizational leaders are looking for in the levels below them including mid-level and senior management. This panel is ideal for tomorrow's leaders interested in a future leadership role in a company or organization or achieve some goals in their life that may seem out of reach.
Presenter: Jared Lyon


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