Friday, January 4th, 2019
Cracking the Code on Making the Career Transition or Why Don't They Call Me for an Interview?
Track: Career Readiness Track (Sponsored by LinkedIn)
I was a star, I was earning promotions and climbing the enlisted ranks quickly. I was frequently airman of the quarter, and then NCO of the quarter, an honorable discharge and a brand new bachelors degree, 60 applications-give or take-later, why wasn't anyone calling me for an interview?

This segment will discuss strategies to help you get that call, nail the interview, and get the job. And finally, just a few words of wisdom about navigating the new culture and unfamiliar politics in corporate America. In other words, let me share my mistakes so you can avoid making them too.
Presentation Slides: 152857-10-50363.pptx
Presenter: Deb Carter


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