Thursday, January 3rd, 2019
Beyond Diversity: Increasing Your Chapter's Capacity for Inclusion
Track: Chapter Management Track
What is inclusion and why does it matter?

As veteran programs on college campuses grow in age and size, many SVA chapters and veteran spaces have turned a focus toward diversity and the noticeable lack of representation of minority veterans in our programs. Diversity work and awareness of who is visibly not represented is the first step in our evolution. Beyond that, how do we make people feel welcome when they show up?

This shift from diversity work to inclusion work is the next step in our development as a community. So what does this mean? In this action lab, participants will look to examples of ways to adapt programs, change culture, and build the capacity for inclusion in chapters to ensure that when minority and underrepresented veterans come out to participate, they feel included and welcome, resulting in continued engagement and further growth.
Presenter: Lindsay Church
Presenter: Francheska Salazar


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