Kevin Preston, Disney
Kevin Preston is a Retired U.S. Army Colonel with 28 years in the United States Military currently serving as Director of Veterans Initiatives, The Walt Disney Company. In this role, he coordinates all Veteran activities for all of Disney's businesses, including the company's Heroes Work Here initiative and emphasizes staffing, philanthropy, volunteerism, and learning and development.

Mr. Preston's final assignment in the Army was as G-9-Vice President of Soldier, Family and Veterans Affairs, where he focused on the quality of life with a particular emphasis on Soldier and Family employment. Preceding this, COL (Ret.) Preston was Vice President of Human Resources (G-1), where he oversaw all human resource activities for an organization of 5,000 individuals. His other military assignments included Director of Recruiting and Director of Learning and Development, in which he worked extensively on the development of relationships for Bosnia-Herzegovina and Estonia, traveling frequently to each country where he played a role in the education of military and civilian members of their Department of Defense.


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