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2019 AFCPE® Research and Training Symposium

AFCPE Pre-Symposium: Sunday, November 17 - Tuesday, November 19
AFCPE Symposium: Tuesday, November 19 - Thursday, November 21
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Wednesday, November 14th, 2018
Category: Financial Tools
Financial Stacking: Easing the Financial Weight of your World... While Paving a Path Toward Prosperity
Tackle Financial Stacks of personal finance "to-dos" through choices and actions that pave a path toward prosperity.

Where do these Financial Stacks come from?

They come from the media, advertisements, experts, employers and even family members. This myriad of financial choices, opportunities and expectations is creating a heaviness of jumbled priorities that often lead to inaction, frustration, confusion and despair.

Move clients from financial bewilderment and inaction to an orderly process of choice and control.

From Spending and Debt -- to Savings and Retirement -- Housing or Health Care - to College or Credit

Financial Stacks are cluttering and weighing on the minds, emotions and sense of well-being for many Americans.

Our Financial Stacks add to America's collective financial fragility.

We will explore Five Steps to sort and de-clutter the stack; master the nagging
"to-dos" and build financial momentum, control and service to others.

Together we'll discover how to:

1. Sequence short- and long-term financial actions
2. Tackle tax opportunities/savings in your "stack"
3. Overcome barriers that thwart employment and earnings growth
4. Automate essential financial decisions that accomplish lasting goals like: housing, small business and retirement savings
5. Adjust your "stack" for life events/opportunities and plan for the unexpected
*CFP Pre-Approved Session - 1 CEU