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2019 AFCPE® Research and Training Symposium

AFCPE Pre-Symposium: Sunday, November 17 - Tuesday, November 19
AFCPE Symposium: Tuesday, November 19 - Thursday, November 21
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Friday, November 16th, 2018
Category: College Students
Creating Financially-Resilient Students Prepared for Uncertain Financial Futures
More students are graduating from college with uncertainty regarding their careers and financial stability, while also having the highest historical levels of debt (Pew Research, 2017). This presentation will explore how a collegiate department was created to help students proactively address their financial knowledge and skills in order to manage their money during college and then be armed with the ability to handle the responsibilities that will occur for their futures in the 'real world.' The presenter will show the current economic landscape our students are facing, project some future variables for the next generation of graduates, and demonstrate how a collegiate program is using assessment and student data to create opportunities for student success.
Questions or Implications for Researchers: Drawing on our knowledge of how Millennials have had to overcome the Great Recession in their path to financial independence, what do practitioners need to know about Gen Z as they begin to start their adulthood? What data can practitioners help collect to show how Millennials are meeting the markers of adulthood and managing their finances as they move into the next phases of their lives? How will the economy continue to affect Gen Z-ers as they move into the job market? Will retiring Baby Boomers create any major changes in the job market? How can research opportunities be explored?