Supporting DLLs: A Unified Framework from Pre-K Through Kindergarten
August 7th, 2018, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM: PM2 Concurrent Sessions
Dept of Early Learning
University of Washington; Department of Children Youth and Families
Department of Early Learning
Track: All/Other
Category: Pathways to Equity: Supporting ELL/DLL students
Session Description: The aim of this session is to introduce a new OSPI-DEL joint policy statement which creates a unified vision of equitable education for Dual Language Learners from pre-k through kindergarten. The discussion will address recent work and legislative action while also providing an opportunity to engage the field about actionable steps moving forward.
Learning Objectives. Please share 3 key objectives:

1) Understand implications of HB 1445 concerning dual language in early learning and K-12 education. What is in the bill and how does it differentiate role of DEL and OSPI?

2) Understand professional development efforts underway at DEL with the University of Washington, (iLABs)

3) Understand DEL/OSPI joint policy statement and discuss actionable steps for all stakeholders moving forward.