Stress and Challenging Behavior - What's the Connection, What's the Impact?
August 7th, 2018, 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM: PM1 Concurrent Sessions
Kaplan Early Learning Company
Track: All/Other
Category: Differentiated Strategies to Support ALL Learners: ACEs - Adverse Childhood Experiences
Session Description: This interactive presentation will explore the impact of stress on children and adults. This session will explore and discuss research and issues of stress that can impact the adults, the learning environment and the child's ability to learn and participate in the classroom positively.
Learning Objectives. Please share 3 key objectives:

1) Explore, identify and experience how values and relationships can impact the health of classroom learning environment.

2) Providing small group activities teachers using the Pyramid Model will Identify and explore the process in determining challenging behavior and what the child is communicating.

3) Explore and review the ACE's research and the impact of stress on brain development in children and adults.

Explore protective factors that reduce stress responses in children and families.