Strengths and Struggles of Learning with Dyslexia
August 6th, 2018, 9:00 AM - 12:15 PM: Monday: AM -PRE Concurrent Sessions
Track: All/Other
Category: Rigorous Developmentally Appropriate Practices: Literacy
Session Description: Dyslexia affects up to 20% of students learning to read. In this interactive session designed for teachers and administrators, participants will learn about the strengths and struggles of students with dyslexia. The session will clarify common misunderstandings about dyslexia and introduce participants to Structured Literacy Instruction.
Learning Objectives. Please share 3 key objectives:
1) Participants will learn common characteristics of dyslexia and elements of structured literacy instruction, knowledge and approaches based on the science of reading.

2) Participants will understand basic characteristics of dyslexia and how it affects literacy learning.

3) Participants will learn how understanding the foundations of English benefits all emerging literacy learners and is essential for those with dyslexia.