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Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR)
Description: The goal of a SAR is to give participants the opportunity to explore their attitudes, values, feelings and beliefs about sexuality and how these impacts their professional interactions (AASECT, 2004). Join Dr. Lexx, LMFT and AASECT certified sexuality educator, for an Intersectional SAR. This SAR exposes professionals to various sexual lifestyles and the prejudices faced by the people who live them. Using Kimberlѐ Crenshaw’s Intersectionality framework, you will earn AASECT CEUS and meet the SAR requirement for certification. Experiential learning, live demos, and interviews take place throughout the sessions to cover topics that include but are not limited to: (dis)ability & sexual pleasure, trans sexuality, bestiality, BDSM, adults attracted to children, and various fetishes.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: Identify 2 behaviors on the spectrum on BDSM; Report 1-way race play is ethical or unethical; Identify 2 antiquated and 2 contemporary terms for Trans people; Identify 3 ways their attitudes have shifted about one or more topics presented throughout the day; Categorize 2 gender affirming surgery types; Identify one challenging sexual behavior for you professionally and one personally; Critique one sexual behavior thought to be taboo; Describe the difference between a pedophile and sexual molester; Distinguish boundaries for sexual behavior treatment; Describe the difference between zoophilia and bestiality; Name 2 services sexual surrogates provide; Define Intersectionality and prove 5 examples of its impact regarding sexual behavior.