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"I Don't See Color or Race": [email protected] Bisexuality at the Intersections of the Erotic, the Exotic and the Dangers of Colorblind Racism

Description: Patients, clients, academics, and practitioners construct what is erotic through a number of complex socialization processes that regrettably often leave us with limited tools to be able to talk about sex, pleasure, and even silencing taboo topics such as the role racial and ethnic differences in eroticism and sexual interactions. This is the focus of this presentation as it pertains to bisexual [email protected]* in the USA, a group at the intersection of two major axes of diversity.

Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: define key concepts on the intersections of race, ethnicity and bisexuality, including: stigmatization, stereotyping, transgressive pleasure, erotization, bi-phobia, and intersectionality; identify tools to promote healthy, erotic, constructive, healing racial dialogue on bisexuality in one-to-one interactions with clients or patients, small groups, and, classrooms.