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Beyond Sensate Focus: Erotic Mindfulness Practice to Deepen the Experience of Pleasure
Description: Erotic Mindfulness is a practice and quality of attention that supports clients to develop a relationship with their complex and unique experience of pleasure. While sensate focus invites non-judgmental, non-demand, and pleasure-oriented focus, erotic mindfulness deepens and expands this practice by incorporating somatic and contemplative elements. This practice builds a bridge to heal the mind-body dichotomy that is heightened around the taboo of fully experiencing pleasure in a conscious and intentional way, thereby inviting congruence within the self.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: describe and facilitate an erotic mindfulness for clients; apply this practice to the learning of the human sexual response cycle, discovery of clients erotic gateways into arousal; facilitate this practice with individuals and couples in counseling setting as well as sex education groups; illustrate how this practice can serve to reconcile the discordant experience of complex pleasure - pleasure where both positive and challenging sensations, emotions, and memories are present; integrate Erotic Mindfulness with Sensate Focus for couples.