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Sexual Interest, Disorder or Crime: When is a Fetish Just a Fetish?
Description: It's no surprise that fetishes (a.k.a. paraphilias) are misunderstood, pathologized, and seen by some as warning flags to criminal behavior. Sexologists are on the front line to inform and ease distress but may feel ill-equipped or stymied by intrapersonal or societal paraphobia. When do the labels matter and why? Explore the ongoing social and civil struggle to discern, classify and address stigmatized edges of sexual variance, affecting the individual, their relationships, and social systems.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: explain the current scientific understanding of sexual development related to sexual interests, particularly the development of what are often referred to as unusual sexual interests or paraphilias; relate three distinctions between paraphilia, the various paraphilic disorders, their relevance or irrelevance to sexual crimes and why this matters; describe at least two ways to assist clients and students decrease paraphobia regarding their worrisome sexual interests.