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A New Look at Menopause: The Myths, Truth, and Power Of Mature Pleasure
Description: This workshop reveals the damaging impact of menopausal myths, and the social taboo of sexual freedom in aging women. We explore the danger of socially propagated sexual ideals and its impact on women's psycho-sexual health, while detailing methods to assist women engage their sexual sovereignty and transcend societal 'virtues'. We look deeply at erotic wisdom and key adaptations of the Jade Egg practice for supporting sexual mastery in the 'power-stage' of life, and the benefits of embracing our omni-orgasmic potential.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: identify three core methods for empowering older women to accept the 'power stage' of life and engage in their version of sexual mastery; explain our 'omni-orgasmic' birthright and how to support clients/patients to expand their definition of themselves to include being omni-orgasmic (especially if the person is non-sexual and/or not partnered).