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Sexuality and Aging: No Expiration Date
Description: Sexuality changes with age but doesn't disappear! Certified Counselors/physicians Drs. June La Valleur and Melanie Modjoros share medical insights on sexuality issues for people over age 65. Sexuality at these ages is often ignored/overlooked by medical professionals. Learn how and what to address in the aging client with declining health and changing sexuality. Effects of several chronic diseases will be discussed. The sexual/ethical issues that arise when individuals move into assisted living/nursing homes will be presented.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: prepare counselors and therapists to discuss aging related issues with their clients; integrate aging/sexuality resources in their area for their clients to use; identify medical issues as clients age, and how they intersect with an individual's sexuality and experience as well as their partner's; create an environment that reduces the stigma and paralysis surrounding the sexual lives of aged individuals; discriminate which sexual changes are a part of "normal" aging versus those concerning for, or resulting from, a medical issue.