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Finding Pleasure and Intimacy When Sex is (Undesirably) Painful: Working Clinically with Pelvic Pain Diagnoses
Description: Women with pelvic pain diagnoses often have challenging relationships with sexuality and eroticism, sometimes even losing connection to their intimacy and sensuality completely. This workshop will provide a brief overview of diagnoses and treatment possibilities, with an in-depth focus on how to help clients explore their relationship with sexuality, sensuality, intimacy and eroticism. Participants will be taught pleasure-based and creative solutions from multi-disciplinary approaches with somatic, post-modern, psychodynamic and solution-focused theories. Due to timing, session mostly references cisgender women clients.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: formulate creative treatment plans or interventions with clients diagnosed with vulvar/pelvic pain, focusing on developing a healthier and more pleasurable relationships to sexuality, sensuality, intimacy and eroticism with an emphasis on a mind-body connection.