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Beyond Trans 101: Complex Issues and Complicated Cases for Gender Affirmative Therapists
Description: As recently as a few years ago, a gender affirmative therapist could do a great job simply by validating, supporting, and advocating for their transgender clients.  But trans people have gained visibility, and more people question their own gender identification, clinicians increasingly encounter clients who defy simple analysis.  In this workshop we explore issues like: social transition of pre-pubertal children; clients with serious co-occurring conditions; non-binary or otherwise atypical clients; ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria’ in adolescents; and de-transitioning people.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: enumerate the pros and cons of pre-pubertal social transition; list four co-occurring conditions that can complicate the assessment of transgender clients; explain how the breakdown of the gender binary has led  to complexity in gender presentation and desires for medical intervention among transgender people; discuss cases of alleged ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria’ and detransitioners.