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Sexual Shame - What Research Says, and Why it is Worse in the U.S. Than You Think
Description: In 2017, the first operational definition of sexual shame was delineated in research.That same year, Peggy Orenstein interviewed 70 women ages 15 - 20 about their experiences of sexuality. These interviews revealed a startling portrayal of the loss of personal power these women were not relinquishing in other areas.We will discuss sexual shame research and this cultural phenomenon.We will also share a model for healing shame, reclaiming pleasure and power, and discuss cases and outcomes where this model is applied.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: describe the historical events that led to an increase in sexual shame in American culture Identify the socio-cultural influences contributing to sexual shame; apply culturally competent treatment approaches to western religious upbringings; name the four elements of an evidence-based model for healing sexual shame.