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Sexual Healing Heals More Than Sex: An Embodied Relational Approach to Transformative Intimacy
Description: Sexuality is integral to the whole person and holistic body, not just the pelvis; neurobiologically intertwined with emotional attachment histories; and fundamental to our sense of self. Treating sexual disappointment in couples offers an opportunity to identify intersubjective interactive triggers of insecurity, shame and anxiety. This presentation describes research that unresolved painful emotions are primarily triggered nonverbally in bodily, right brain communications. It offers a healing present-centered, somatic, experiential relational process that catalyzes pain into pleasure, a key to transformation.
Objective(s): At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: describe how early childhood history of subtle sex-negative cues from parents can have a lasting negative impact on adult sexuality; identify the qualities of embodied intimacy that enhance sexual interest and arousal between intimate partners.