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Emily Goodstein, Digital Strategy Consultant, Emily Goodstein Consulting
Emily brings over 15 years of nonprofit advocacy, fundraising and marketing experience to her work. Before striking out on her own, she served as a Client Success Manager for Blackbaud (Convio), where she empowered nonprofit clients to achieve their online fundraising and advocacy goals.
Steve Daigneault, Sr. Vice-President, M+R
Steve puts his 20 years of experience as an organizer, campaigner, writer, fundraiser and digital strategist to work for M+R clients like PETA, National Women's Law Center, American Cancer Society, World Food Program USA, NRDC and others.
Steve Kehrli, Vice President, Development, PETA Foundation
Steve has enjoyed a career focused on data analysis, target marketing, and business plan development, among other things. He joined the PETA Foundation in 2007 and brought along with him his enthusiasm, energy, and compassion for all beings.
Chris Kauffman, salesforce.org
Product management executive with a diverse background facilitating the development of markets and products from startup to $175M. My focus is centered on the communication and prioritization of market problems aligned with key strategic objectives. I have a unique ability to work with engineering and production teams to see value realized. My diverse background working with companies and products at multiple lifecycle stages enables me to see problems and develop solutions from many angles. I have been a key component in the success of products that have resulted in millions of dollars in new revenues.