Micro-Learning for Learners-on-the Go
Tuesday, September 19th, 2017
3:45 PM - 5:15 PM: Breakouts
More organizations are demanding shorter and faster learning from trainers, designers and virtual presenters. However, there are no schools or degrees for these new evolving skills, thinking art and designing process. One can only guess or embark on an adventure using intuitive thinking and trial and error. But what if you hit bumps along the way or if your goals totally bombs? What happens to your reputation or the success of your attempt to help learners? What would you need to consider in your design, training sessions and virtual lessons? Topics to cover: ? What are the differences among Micro-Learning, classroom, eLearning and virtual learning? ? Where does Micro-Learning work best? ? What is the biggest value of Micro-Learning for work, learning and performance? ? What you must do to implement Micro-Learning in the classroom, virtual training and, eLearning ? Where do you find BIG returns on Micro-Learning? ? What's the fastest way to design and train using Micro-Learning? ? How do you start small in Micro-Learning? ? What experiments and tests do you need to conduct? ? How do you make learning small, cheap, fast and easy for you and your learner? Demos, examples and advance links will be provided.