No More Four Person Meetings! How We Get 40% Of Our Student Vets To Participate.
Of the total number of student veterans enrolled on your campus- how many do you reach? How many pass through your institution only ever seeing their certifying official? How many are aware of, and engage, the full range of veteran services on your campus? How many come to your SVA meetings? At the University of Michigan we have slowly built a vibrant, high-functioning team of student veterans engaged in a year-round agenda of self-development, public service, and social team building. Meeting attendance can top 40 (a third of our total undergraduate veteran population). Across a year-long program we reach over 50% of our student veterans with one or more event. We do this without any external grant money and without a single square foot of dedicated student veteran space. We will discuss our methods for building and sustaining high engagement, showing how we give our student veterans a compelling "why?"

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