Thursday, January 4th, 2018
Pre-enrollment Advising - Tools for Helping Students Make Well Informed Decisions on Higher Education
Track: Student Success
Providing necessary information to help potential military-connected students make well informed decisions related to the pursuit of post-secondary education is key to ensuring they have the tools necessary for accomplishing long-term academic and career goals. This program will share best practices for enrollment advisors, peers, and other key-stakeholders who are providing pre-enrollment advisement to potential military-connected students. Participants will discuss challenges related to this topic and ways in which they have been able to successfully provide necessary support for those navigating the college application and admissions process. Those in participation will also work as a group to identify ways in which potential students can be empowered to make well-informed decisions for future education endeavors as well as share this information with their peers who also might be pursuing higher education.
Presenter: Tanya Ang


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