Thursday, January 4th, 2018
Military to Civilian - Identifying Cultural Differences and Overcoming Barriers to Meaningful Employment
Track: Career Readiness
You have experience from the military and will soon complete the educational credentials to qualify for a meaningful career?but are you prepared to be hired?

Job search requires skills you already possess from your time in uniform. Things like planning and executing missions, understanding resources, having an objective, learning about the human element involved, using the language and adapting to the customs of a new culture?sound familiar?

Employers struggle to find veteran talent because they don't know the military world?but most respect it. Problem is, they have the jobs.

Ultimately it is up the job seeker to understand these differences, and adapt. This presentation will help show unknown facts about the employment market and how to prepare, so you enter the job market with a strategy, a network and a list of target employers to engage in discussion.
Presenter: David Muir


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