Friday, January 5th, 2018
Pivotal Decision Points: Initial Findings from the Student Veteran Life Cycle Atlas
Track: SVA
A student veteran's or service member's educational life-cycle comprises several key decisions points. At each point, the decision can have a significant impact on a veteran's life. Student Veterans of America started examining how different individual decisions impact educational life-cycle outcomes, through its Student Veteran Educational and Employment Decision Tree Project. The project collected data on individual student veterans' educational life cycles, found key decisions points within student veterans' life cycles, and explored the different outcomes. The results will be an interactive tool that maps and measures pivotal student veteran decisions to, through, and beyond college. The goal is to provide student veterans facing a pivotal decision an instrument to explore and evaluate different potential outcomes based on previous student veteran experiences prior to deciding. This presentation will cover key findings and results from the project's first year, implications for policy and practice, and preview next steps for the project.
Presenter: Chris Cate
Presenter: Taylor Davis


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