Saturday, January 6th, 2018
Building Synergy & Possibilities: A Holistic Model of Support for Veterans at the University of Illinois
Track: Higher Education
It is not enough to have a miscellaneous group of resources available to student veterans if the services don't work together. Many student veterans have multi-layered needs and require a spectrum of assistance along with a "go-to" ally on campus who they trust and who they know won't let them down. The purpose of this panel is to get straightforward information regarding the types of core comprehensive services that should be available to student veterans along with recommendations on how to build synergy among these services. Presenters consist of senior-level administrators and a SVA chapter president. The program model of The Center for Wounded Veterans in Higher Education at the University of Illinois will be discussed with the hope that attendees can replicate aspects of the model at their own institutions.The panel will be designed to have an active dialogue with attendees.
Presenter: Nicholas Osborne
Presenter: Dustin Lange
Presenter: Brent Blackwell


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