Saturday, January 6th, 2018
Breaking it down Barney-style: Making your College Counseling Center more Inclusive and Empowering
Track: Higher Education
This presentation will focus on creating a veteran friendly college counseling center and how to overcome unique challenges for making your counseling center more inclusive. The learning objectives for this presentation include: identify best practices for college counseling centers and overcoming barriers, provide ideas on collaboration with college counseling centers, student organizations, and division of student affairs, discuss outreach initiative and program development, discuss current challenges/stressors for student veterans and unique ideas on how to address them. Specific topics that will be covered diversity within student veteran population, invisible Identity, laws that may impact best practices that are unique to students still currently serving, consultation/ collaboration/competency within campus and the community, PTSD/TBI, military sexual trauma (MST), suicide intervention, prevention and education, and ethical considerations. This presentation will be helpful to service providers and faculty as well as students looking to advocate for a more inclusive counseling center.
Presenter: Sarah Skelton


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