Friday, January 5th, 2018
UGA's Persistent Coaching Program: Enabling a Pathway to Success
Track: Higher Education
ABSTRACT: Research suggests the more connections a student makes the more likely he/she will succeed. At the University of Georgia, our undergraduate student veterans are on average first-generation 28 year-old transfer students, working part-time, supporting one or more family members, and commuting to Athens at least twice a week; factors which, in total, don't lend themselves to making campus connections. To encourage the development of meaningful co-curricular connections, the Student Veterans Resource Center (SVRC) established a Persistent Coaching Program (PCP) in Fall 2016.

During this session, the Director of UGA's Student Veteran Resource Center will describe the evolution of the center's Persistent Coaching Program (PCP); an initiative that underpins the Center's wide-ranging engagement strategies. Piloted in 2016-17, in its first year the PCP more than doubled co-curricular engagement while ensuring UGA's veterans were better connected and, ultimately, better postured to succeed.
Presenter: Charles Barco
Presenter: Ryan Mohney
Presenter: Mandy Enloe


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