Bridging the Gap: Building a Community of Financial Well-being

2018 AFCPE® Research and Training Symposium

AFCPE Pre-Symposium: Monday, November 12 - Wednesday, November 14
AFCPE Symposium: Wednesday, November 14 - Friday, November 16
Schedule Subject to Change

Title: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice with the "Broccoli Banter"
Thursday, November 16th, 2017
This session will focus on the benfits of researchers and practitioners working together. By fostering conversations, through efforts like the "Broccoli Banter" webinar series, we can better inform practice through evidence-based findings and conduct relevant research to ultimately provide optimal client services.

This session will briefly remind the audience of the broccoli-research analogy and provide highlights from the "Broccoli Banter" sessions to date as well as encourage feedback on other ways the AFCPE Research Task Force can better serve its members in the goal of developing research-based best practices.
Session Slides: 127063-2-47068.pptx

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