Kevin Walter, Great Game of Business (GGOB) coach and practitioner, is
perhaps best known in the Chicago area as a principal for the corporate
catering and event planning company Tasty Catering. His role includes
overseeing human resources and management of this heavily decorated,
medium-sized business with such honors as the Forbes Top Small
Workplaces, Best Places to Work, Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame, Caterer of
the Year, Governor's Sustainability Award and Psychologically Healthiest
Workplace in the nation.
With nearly four decades of business success to consider, Kevin has
found that the most employee engagement that he has experienced
occurred while practicing open book management, particularly via the
Great Game of Business. This has led to a passion for coaching the
principles of the Game to a variety of businesses all across the continent.
It has also sparked an interest and desire to speak to various audiences
about his trials, tribulations and successes with open book management
and the Great Game.
Now, Kevin is a highly sought-after GGOB coach and speaker. His
business savvy and dynamic presentation skills come from 38 years of
experience in a leadership role?the majority of those as principal and
adviser for a dozen companies including 80Nine Holdings' companies.
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