Gameversary: Our First Year
Thursday, September 7th, 2017
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM: Concurrent Sessions I
Room: Topaz
Making a significant change to your organization's operating system can be a scary proposition, and the tasks required to implement OBM can seem overwhelming. In this highly-interactive session, you will learn from the experiences of first-year implementer, WEBIT Services. We will explore the courage, mindset, and monetary requirements necessary to commit to this journey, the preparation required before rollout, and the steps that both a small and a mid-sized company took to insure the entire team is knowledgeable and on board. The president of WEBIT Services will share the fears, doubts, surprises, pitfalls, and benefits that he encountered once they started Playing the Game.


1) Clearly define what you want to achieve by implementing OBM, how to overcome objections and/or fears, and describe what The Great Game can do for you

2) Understand what you need to think through when initially implementing OBM at your company, describe how to get the entire team on board, and state the benefits and breakthroughs a business can see within a few short months


1) Action Plan to get started on your journey to OBM

2) Tools, techniques, and templates for increasing financial literacy and employee buy-in within your company
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