BRAVO! Creating & Sustaining a Recognition Culture
Thursday, September 7th, 2017
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM: Concurrent Sessions III
Room: Metropolitan
A company's culture is its only truly unique identifier. Your products or services, your strategies and perhaps, even your techniques can be duplicated but your values and the culture of your organization cannot. In short, your culture is your personality! Your company culture not only defines the way in which your organization interacts with the outside world, but with one another.

Internally, signs of a strong corporate culture are respect and expressed appreciation among employees and between management and employees. Extensive research shows a corporate culture of recognition and appreciation results in increased employee engagement and improved organizational performance.

Creating a culture of recognition in your organization will also result in an energized and exciting work environment and allow you to attract and retain top talent - something that's not easy to do in today's competitive employment market! In this session, participants will learn the steps to creating a company-wide culture of recognition and will receive tools and techniques for maintaining and sustaining a dynamic recognition and appreciation culture.
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