Financial Literacy Bootcamp
Thursday, September 7th, 2017
1:10 PM - 2:10 PM: Concurrent Sessions II
Room: Governor's Lecture Hall
Time to get down to brass tacks - financial literacy is no joke. To bring your team up to snuff, man your battle stations, and create a culture that emphasizes education and engagement by equal terms.

Opening the books only works when people are taught to understand them - which is best done formally and informally. When the Game is created with broad participation - specifically the people who are closest to the action and who understand the realities - it creates a level of commitment and alignment that just can't be matched. Certain financial and operational numbers define winning and achievement of a specific goal. When correctly identified through planning, targeted and tied to a reward, these become the focus of the Game for everyone in the organization.

Jenner Ag recently reinvented its Game play, heavily emphasizing teaching, growing and engagement. To accomplish this, they deployed a series of well-planned, integrated financial literacy tactics including surveys, Huddle restructures, a Great Game Playbook, mentoring, a structured yearly Great Game planning effort, rotating session leaders, 100% boards, a Game Committee, and more.

Jenner Ag CEO Steve Jones and Great Game Coach Jack O'Riley will give you the blueprints to successful financial literacy, from boots on the ground to reaching the pinnacle of your plan. You'll leave this session with concrete strategies for getting your recruits to gold-star level.
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