The Numbers Aren't the Most Important Thing - They're Everything!
Wednesday, September 6th, 2017
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM: Half-Day Pre-Conference Workshops
Room: Governor's Lecture Hall
In this highly interactive presentation, Matt Garrett reveals the simple beauty of numbers. He takes key financial benchmarks and simplifies them so that any business owner can gain freedom and peace of mind by managing through the numbers. Matt brings to life seemingly boring topics like: forecasting, the Triple Bottom Line, accounting fraud, and gross margins.

Matt is a small business owner who approaches the issue of accounting and finance from an experiential standpoint and provides participants with specific techniques for improving business performance through effective financial management. Whereas other programs on accounting are filled with acronyms and academic jargon, this one frames the issues in understandable terms that enable members to take easily understood techniques and implement them within their organizations to see immediate results.

Recommended for: executives and managers in all types of companies

Pre-registration for this workshop is required for an additional fee ($235).
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