Dispersed & Diverse: How to Huddle Across Multiple Locations & Languages
Thursday, September 7th, 2017
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM: Concurrent Sessions I
Room: Senator's Lecture Hall
One of the major objectives in implementing GGOB is to improve communication to all team members. For Willoway Nurseries, that was a big challenge. With team members in seven sites across four counties, half of whom don't speak English, having a weekly huddle with everyone in one place was not an option.

Their solution: weekly all-company huddles are broadcast via WebEx to all of the sites at 6:58 every Friday morning. These meetings are used to review company communications, celebrate wins, review the financial score board, and teach open book concepts. In order to maintain the GGOB spirit, Willoway wanted involvement and interaction from all of the sites. To achieve this, they installed a communications system that allows for two-way voice and video communication to all of the sites.

The solution was not without its challenges. In this session, President Tom Demaline will explain the short coming of the equipment and what they had to do to mesh everything together, including the creation of WNI-TV, a scrolling message board at all sites, the use of an in-house translator, and the production of a huddle script in multiple languages.

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